After eating quiche on a emerald tiled patio under lush green plants swaying in the breeze at Bread and Butterfly, I was inspired to dig deeper to see just how much French colonization had influenced Vietnamese food.

I knew that they introduced baguettes, which gave rise to Vietnamese bánh mì sandwiches; flan, which was adapted to include black coffee in the caramel sauce; and coffee, which has become an integral part of Vietnamese culture. (We take our coffee strong and very seriously.)

What I didn’t realize was the influence they had on words I used when discussing food at home. Sa lát is salad. Khoai tây means “western yam”. Xúc xích is sausage. Bia is beer. Little lightbulbs were going off in my head as I made these connections and I thought this needed to be shared.

Thank you Bread and Butterfly for the beautiful details, delicious food, and motivation for me to become curious enough to want to learn more about where I come from.

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