The other day, my friend sent me a meme and said this is you.

It made me laugh really hard because it was so relatable, but then I realized the bleak reality of my love life. The more I thought about every ex-boyfriend and every unpleasant male experience I’ve had, the more my sad feelings piled up and overwhelmed me. Every ex has been a worse avocado than the last, and I’ve reached a point where I’m too skeptical to bother with dating for a while.

But I realized that despite there being many bad, even rotten avocados, there are some great ones out there too, and I’ve picked some really wonderful ones. The best part is knowing that these marvelous friends of mine have been there for me through some of my lowest points. From panic attacks during finals to the death of my grandpa, they have been there to lift me up as we lifted our mugs together. They are what I need, and they are all I need.

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