The Keys to Success: Communication and honesty because communication is key and the truth will set you free.

There’s a reason people always say “Communication is Key”. Because without it, what would we be? It’s crucial aspect of resolving problems with one another. Most of which result from misunderstandings because of a communication problem that led to this in the first place.

People can be vague, say one thing but mean another, or only tell partial truths and keep you in the dark. Most don’t particularly like the truth, whether it’s saying it or hearing it. It can hurt, and no one likes being hurt, but do people reasonably expect to live like that forever?

I’d rather know the truth, than live a lie. I live by this. I say that so often, to anyone who will listen, but over and over, I’ve been lied to, with the excuse being that they didn’t want to hurt me, are you trying to protect me or yourself? Not knowing hurts more in the long run, trust me. Ripping off the band-aid quickly and feeling a slight sting is better than slowly pulling it back and feeling pain the entire process. There can be pain, but you heal, you learn, and you grow because once you know the truth, you’re free. You are now aware of all your options and are able to make decisions as to how you’ll carry on from here. You can’t always force the truth out of people, but you can only hope that they’re being as honest with you as you are with them. Lying only hinders our progress for finding solutions. People, especially our friends, deserve to know the truth, it’s the least we can offer them. If we value our friendships, we’d be honest. We wouldn’t keep secrets.




However, most of the time I’ve noticed people don’t even want to approach their problems. They avoid it entirely and pretend it doesn’t exist. That it will go away on its own. They think that no confrontation means no conflict. But that’s not how it works. Your problems are still there. They then become surrounded by issues that wouldn’t have been there had they reached out sooner or spoken truthfully.

So let’s change the way we approach our problems. Let’s address them, grow together, and succeed.





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