When I was little, my curiosity led me to end up in some unfortunate situations. I had to experience things for myself, whether it was seeing what was on the other side of the wall or seeing if that light bulb at the circus was as hot as my dad said it was. I ended up getting hurt more times than I can count. I asked why so often that my mom probably questioned her sanity. She almost always responded with “because I said so.” It never satisfied my curiosity, but if mom’s not happy, no one is. In school, science has always been my favorite subject because there was usually an answer as to why things were the way they were and if not, there was probably someone who was conducting research to provide an explanation for the rest of us.

My Fundamentals of Evolution professor tends to say that evolution is a unifying concept in biology because it explains WHY animals do the seemingly weird behaviors they do. For example, male hangingflies leave with any remnants of their nuptial gift after 20 minutes. Why? The male has maximized his reproductive fitness with that particular female. The female consumes the gift during copulation and after around the 20 minute mark, she can’t accept any additional sperm. (How cool is that?)

With people, it’s so much more complex. There’s not always a straightforward answer to explain the motives behind their actions. As an extremely curious person, it’s difficult to accept the fact that I won’t always get an answer. Although it’d be greatly appreciated to get my ‘why’, no one owes me an explanation. No one owes me anything.


You can’t force people to explain themselves. Who knows if they’ll even tell you the truth instead of telling you what they think you want to hear. But in the silence, you can’t help but wonder what’s on their mind. It makes you want to assume the worst.

After having this happen to me again and again, I’ve come to learn that letting things go and moving on is just another part of growing up. Don’t wait around for an explanation because there is no guarantee that you will get one. There are bigger and better things to look forward to.


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