When I first went Alpha Xi, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had gotten out of a bad relationship I had been in since high school, and as a shy commuter student, I hadn’t had the opportunity to make many friends.

Since then, Alpha Xi Delta has significantly impacted my life as it has for most of us. For example, when pasta shopping, I get confused when none of the boxes say Xiti, the way it should be spelled.

But on a more serious note, this sisterhood is the real deal. At my first fraternity party, a guy was making unwanted advances on my big, Katie. After unsuccessfully trying to get her away from him, Megan said in the most serious tone that he better not touch her friend ever again. That was the moment when I realized this sorority is nothing like the movies, people here really do look out for one another.

Over the years, I was shown time and time again how much these people care. Emily, my twin and now triplet, welcomed me into the sorority and our family with open arms. Ariel threw a pledge class sleepover complete with snacks, blankets, and infinite pillows to help me get over a break up. (“Men are trash. Get you some sisters.” I live by our unofficial sorority motto.) Myky has surprised me countless times with food and bubble tea whether it’s to cheer me up or because she hasn’t seen me in a while. Hunter let me do laundry at her house when my dryer was broken because “you’re family”. Fatima’s called me at various hours of the day just to check in on how I was doing. Alina sends super empowering messages/posts that help me get through tough times, and smashing the patriarchy memes just for kicks.

Lucie was willing to thoroughly read all of my application essays and give me amazing feedback. Lucy took time out of her day to drive me to the airport. Helen drove my crazy self all over town during the snowpocalypse because she cares about me. Alondra walked around with me after Music Midtown full of bubble tea and chicken nuggets trying to figure out how we were getting back until Leslie serendipitously appeared across the street and drove us home. The many sleepless nights Caroline and I spent painting banners and the Thursdays when we went to CFA college nights in giraffe onesies made for some of my favorite days.

These women helped me solidify my values and cheered me on when I was hesitant in my abilities. They gave me the confidence to speak up and call out bullshit because I deserve better. They put up with my requests for emailing pictures to preserve quality because one day my memories may be blurry, but my pictures of us won’t be.

While my time as an active sister is coming to a close, it’s not the end for me and Alpha Xi. But for those who are still here, make the most of your time while you can. Go to events even if your big, your littles, or your best friends don’t because I promise you will have a blast even if it wasn’t what you were expecting. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to that quiet sister because you will have no idea how much it means to her. Take it from me, the quiet sister who greatly appreciates it.

Although I do complain about attending events a lot, sitting down and writing my senior speech let me reflect on my biggest commitment and my deepest love over the past several years. I was able to remember the small moments I once overlooked, the small moments that are proof of why Alpha Xi Delta is so special to me. Of course, this organization will always have a place in my heart because it’s not four years, it’s for life.

Peace out, but not really, Rena.

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