I thought my doughnut phase ended a while ago, but recently they’ve popped up in conversation. It started with a video about Ohio’s 80 mile doughnut trail. You can grab a passport at any of the 12 shops along the trail, and once you collect stamps from 11 out of 12 locations, you get a free T shirt to commemorate your accomplishments.

Because Andy’s going to be in Cincinnati for the next few months, I thought it’d be a fun thing to add to the Cincinnati Bucket List while he’s up there. That led to a mid finals doughnut study break at Sublime, me telling him about the vegan doughnuts at Revolution Doughnuts, and news of Krispy Kreme’s new Nutella filled doughnut. Now I’m accused of being a doughnut “fiend”.

It doesn’t help that Five Daughters Bakery, one of the places I’ve been looking forward to during my eventual Nashville trip, just opened a location in Georgia! Five Daughters is a family owned doughnut focused bakery that opened their first location in Franklin, Tennessee a few years back. Their crown jewel is the croissant style 100-layer doughnut, and now they’re here to introduce it to Atlantans at Ponce City Market.

I decided on a simple strawberry glazed flavor 100-layer doughnut and the warm flaky goodness took me back to sweet, youthful summertime.

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