I’ve noticed some make resentful comments about how they were going to be single on Valentines Day. Being single means that you can focus 100% of your energy into yourself to explore your interests and grow, yet some choose to direct that energy towards being bitter about not having someone instead. Lacking a romantic relationship on Valentines Day or any day does not mean there is a lack of love. Don’t take the love you receive from parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, classmates, professors, kind strangers, cats, dogs, and yourself for granted. Recognize that their love for you is important because without their support and encouragement, you most likely wouldn’t be where you are today.

Ironically, some of these people are the same ones who are emotionally incompetent. They complain about not being able to find love but have failed to do some introspective reflection to realize that successful romantic relationships require emotional vulnerability to be a two way street. How could you expect others to open up and completely be themselves around you when you can’t bring yourself to do the same?

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been told that men were raised to suppress emotion, I could buy myself a couple rings from Tiffany by now. Society also expects men to be brave. What is really brave is allowing yourself to acknowledge and honor your feelings. It’s completely human to feel sad, lonely, and not on your A game. While it’s not necessary to broadcast those feelings to everyone, it is necessary to understand that everyone has days when they feel down and that is perfectly normal. I really admire those who make an effort to be emotionally vulnerable because it can be difficult and truly takes courage.

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