I was once told that I was a great conversationalist, to which I earnestly replied “you’re one as well!” because our conversation flowed so naturally. I don’t think I’m great at making conversation, but I do think that the right person can bring out a good conversation in almost anyone.

It was then that I marveled at how difficult it was to find someone compatible conversationally. It might be a wonderful coincidence that of all the years that human kind has existed that we both happen to coexist now, but that’s not nearly enough. The result of dozens of hours spent looking and the hundreds of people we’ve swiped past are a handful of individuals, half of whom cannot even maintain a conversation, much less a meaningful one.

I love sharing my thoughts and ideas, but they tend to be frenzied and jumbled because my mind almost always races at 100 mph while my mouth struggles to keep up. By no means am I an eloquent communicator.

Dating is incredibly annoying, but finding a genuine connection with someone is really beautiful. To see the spark in my eyes reflected in theirs when we discuss topics of importance to the both of us fills me with great excitement.

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