Starbucks/ Bubble tea Giftcards: A gift your student will appreciate whether it’s for the 8th straight hour of studying or a little pick-me-up.

Low Maintenance Plants: Houseplants help remove indoor pollutants while uplifting one’s mood and boosting productivity. Air plants, succulents, devil’s ivy, and snake plants are almost indestructible and provide many benefits. They’re a great gift for anyone and can be found at Home Depot or local nurseries.

Zebra Midliner Pens: For drawing, highlighting, diagramming, etc. These are the best pens/markers/highlighters to make paper notes more appealing.
– At Target or on Amazon

Notability: For those who prefer digital notes, many students use Notability on the iPad for notetaking during lectures. It allows for Powerpoints to be imported where notes can be typed in, written in, or drawn in. Notes can then be exported as PDF for easy sharing. Unfortunately this is only available for Apple products.
– On the App Store

Skincare Products: I’ve never been one to routinely moisturize, but hours of enduring harsh chemicals in anatomy lab dried and irritated my skin. Things were much better after I began to consistently moisturize before bed and before and after lab.
DERMAL Face Masks
Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask
NatureRepublic Moisturizer Gel

Coffee Subscriptions:
Atlanta based:
East Pole Coffee Co. starting at $20/month including shipping.
Peach Coffee Roasters with multiple subscription options.
Blue Bottle Coffee starting at $15/month.
Trade Coffee starting at $12.50/month + free shipping. The first bag is 30% off.

Tea Subscriptions: For those who don’t enjoy coffee, but still need the caffeine.
Sips by for $15/month.

Noise Cancelling Headphones: For blocking out other students in the library, loud patrons at the coffee shop, or snoring passengers on planes, noise cancelling headphones are very useful and versatile. This has been one of my favorite purchases since starting school. Many people have Beats, but there are plenty of alternatives.

Home Cooked Meals, or the next best alternative Meal Subscriptions: I miss not having my grandma’s home-cooked meals as often, but am lucky enough to live close to home. For those who aren’t as fortunate and in are need of in need of quality food, meal subscription plans are an option.

Sketchy: One of the best study tools because it makes learning medical concepts fun through short animated videos. It’s especially helpful for those who can’t focus long enough to read the textbook.

While you can’t gift your med student more time, more sleep, or more motivation, these are a few tangible things that can make their lives a little more pleasant. The suggestions on this list have been tried and true by actual medical students. Happy holidays!

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