Last week, I volunteered to help a high school classmate with a photoshoot for her work, and was told that I’d be paid in love and beer. In my excitement to help out one of my favorite breweries and be in the city, I forgot how much hands were involved in beer photography.

I’ve always been self conscious about my hands, especially after my violin instructor commented on how I had the skinniest fingers he had ever seen. My bendy fingers and knobby joints could be used as a classic textbook example for early arthritis. Add a splash of red lacquer on to my naturally long nails, and you get Maleficient’s menacing talons.

It finally hit me when she asked me to hold up a can of Trans (Transmigration of Souls 10.0) for the camera. When I apologized for my shortsightedness and potentially ruining her shots, she told me that she actually thought my long, slender fingers would be great for holding the cans. I didn’t know if she saw me blush, but I sure felt it. It’s crazy how we can be ruthlessly critical when looking at ourselves, while others look at us and only see beauty.

Sounds cheesy, but it happens all too often. We get bogged down by our seemingly endless imperfections to notice all the good things our bodies have done for us. Let us look at them instead with gratitude and acceptance.

I love my body.

It carries my eyes around so I can look at beautiful things.

It carries my brain about so I can think on the go.

It keeps all my vital organs together in a mess-free fashion inside my skin.

Like some kind of crazy robot technology from the future, it is self healing.

Both me and my body like eating, sleeping, and dancing like tHiS.

– worry lines

Love ur body:

Look at ur hands: they have pet so many
cute animals and dried so many of ur tears

Look at ur feet: they have walked you to
some of ur favorite places and walked you
away from bad ones

Look at ur belly: think of the days when it’s
been full and warm with your favorite foods

Look at ur legs: they have held you up
when you thought you weren’t strong
enough to stand

Look at ur eyes: they have seen so many
beautiful people

Look at ur mouth: it has told so many
people that u love them

Ur body has been there for you since day 1;
love it, it loves u.

– Unknown

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