This summer, I helped write a book that aimed to reduce unconscious bias towards Black Americans. The intent was for readers to engage with a short, one-page biography about a Black leader every day for 66 days. The idea for the book was based on a study conducted by Phillipa Lally in 2009 that found that it takes approximately 66 days for an individual to form an automatic habit. Interested in implementing what I’ve learned from the study into other aspects of my life, I plan to:

  • Check in with myself physically and mentally at least once a day.
  • Finish my 32 oz Nalgene’s worth of water every day.
  • Adhere to my daily skincare routine no matter how tired I am.
  • Integrate reflection and meditation into my nightly ritual.
  • Send out a prayer into the universe every night before bed.

Ensuring that my mind and body are healthy helps me function at my best. My habits tend to slip when things get hard in the semester, causing me to slip into a downward spiral of self neglect. The tough times are when we need to maintain our habits the most.

With school starting back soon, I wanted to get into the right mindset by writing my goals down. This way I can hold myself accountable and get a head start on practicing these goals into permanence.

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