This season’s sentiments seemed as though they were mainly dictated by the release of various musical singles. Though it didn’t technically begin until June 6, Memorial Day weekend always marked the beginning of summertime in my mind. Kygo had recently released “Freedom” and it was first truly free day I had all year. I had no obligations and nowhere to be, and I didn’t even feel bad about it.

The week before was the first time I had seen J in months, but we picked up right where we left off. Our conversations laced with lighthearted jokes kept us up well past 3. As the night started winding down, we inched closer together until we were two snug bugs in a rug like substrate and enzyme in Koshland’s induced-fit model. My fingers ran through his hair as I appreciated the moment’s stillness. The streetlight peeked out from behind the curtains and scattered across the ceiling, reminding me of the glow in the dark stars from our childhood.

I felt like the protagonist of a teen romance film falling in love for the first time, and Kygo’s “Lose Somebody” was the soundtrack to our story. It all seemed like a sweet dream after the nightmare that has been the past several months and I never wanted this tender moment to end.

May: Kesha’s high road

From finishing classes to editing dozens of personal statements, May was full steam ahead on all things med school. Volunteering to be a part of this project connected me with many inspiring med school students and I found some pretty great role models. Being two months into quarantine meant doing everything to avoid studying, so much time was spent reflecting and finding my muses, which led me to finally start sharing my journey with pre-medical students on the blog and go on a cooking spree.

June: Kygo’s Golden Hour

Personal statement editing continued into June, but my mind was fully in summer mode. Evenings were spent soaking in spectacular sunsets over the Atlanta skyline and playtime with my foster felines. When I wasn’t in the midst of a kitten skirmish or admiring dusky skies, I was working at my mom’s salon. Many small businesses including my family’s, have been heavily impacted by COVID. On the weekends, I’d squeeze in a Sketchy video or two if there was any time. For a med student, Sketchy has become the modern-day Saturday morning cartoon.

July: Lauv’s ~How I’m Feeling~

While weekdays meant working at the salon, weekends in July were jam packed with outdoor adventures. Cloudland Canyon, Preacher’s Rock, and the East Palisades Trail were all stunning in their own ways. The Beltline had been walked in its entirety, and Piedmont Park picnics were a must. I was determined to spend as much time as possible outside before confinement presents as vitamin D deficiency and longing for the sunshine.

In August, Gryffin captured my heartache with “Cry”, as my summer comes to a close and my friends move back home. Despite feeling dejected, we experienced a million tiny miracles when our schedules lined up flawlessly for one last hurrah. A lifetime of star-crossed schedules made this cosmic alignment feel even more surreal.

From existential rooftop talks to getting lost in the woods after dark, many miles were walked and many stops to smell the roses were made. I truly felt each sweet moment by snapping some shots and taking in every sight, sound, and sensation along the way. This has been the last and best summer, and looking back, I know that these will be the “Good Old Days”.

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