Your yellow isn’t just any regular person, your yellow is a certain person you hold so close to you. They’ve kept you going at times where you’ve felt like giving up, they’ve seen you at your worst, and they may/may not even know it; but they’re the reason you’re still alive and going to this day.

My yellow serendipitously came into my life at a time when I was exploring what was beyond the monotony of suburbia. Due to school and work, we met for the first time after months of mutually roasting each other and sharing memes. Before we were anything more, we were friends with a solid flirt to roast ratio. On the night we met, I contemplated going home after receiving several sporadic texts saying that work would be done in another 30 minutes, but I’m glad I waited.

Our time together became more consistent when classes and work projects came to an end, and it was probably what dreams were made of because we got no sleep. We spent many evenings watching saffron-toned sunsets soften to lilac before melting into every shade of blue. Although the days always came to an end, our conversations did not. They touched on everything under the bright, metaphorical sun until we were greeted with the next morning’s sunrise, much to someone’s dismay.

The long, philosophical monologues affectionately termed as “Chidi-ing” were music to my ears. They were a nice change of pace from the mundane and mindless conversation topics like football. However, he also has much to say about that, and I love his versatility all the more.

Nights when we did fall asleep were ushered out by golden rays that creeped through the cracks in the curtains. I’d sleepily watch pretty lashes gently flutter before those brilliant hazel eyes met mine. Mornings meant endless possibilities because I never knew what adventures we’d go on. Will we binge Avatar the Last Airbender for 5 hours, or sneak onto a new rooftop for an existential talk? There was a good chance the day could bring us both, and I had never embraced the unknown with such gusto.

Since he moved back home, I’ve loved seeing him blossom brighter than a marigold despite how few and far between our hangouts have become.

Summer faded into fall, and the leaves on the trees rivaled the vividness of my honey. When darkness swept over on our last picnic, we counted the few stars we were able to see and my heart grew warmer as the night grew cooler. My learn’d astronomer is smoother than butter, and his pensive musings are periodically punctuated by kisses sweeter than butterscotch.

He listens intently and responds thoughtfully to the many woes of medical school. He’s the vice president of my fan club, and one of the reasons I’ve laughed so hard even when I was at my lowest this past term.

I tend to look ahead and worry about things I can’t control, but I always soak up every wonderful minute and savor every moment with my sunshine. Maybe Old Dominion was right. Maybe one summer of sunsets was as far as we were gonna get, but whenever we’re together, I’m not focused on forever, I’m focused on right now.

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