About the Blog:

Professor Trelawney’s dream journaling assignment inspired me to begin recording my dreams. Dream journaling evolved into regular journaling and became the most consistent thing I’ve done throughout my life. I’ve filled plenty of notebooks throughout the years with my doodles, thoughts, and dreams.

I picked up photography and had plenty of practice as a yearbook photographer. I am by no means a professional, but I love documenting the places I go, things I do, and people I spend time with. My memory might fail me one day, but I’ll be able to remember these wonderful moments through the pictures I’ve taken. Combine these two hobbies with the determination to make a lasting commitment and this blog was born.

About the girl:

I graduated from Georgia State University as a biological sciences major and am about to start my second year of medical school. In my little to no free time, I enjoy giving restaurant recommendations, answering questions about medical school, figuring out how to keep my plants alive, being outdoors, trying new restaurants, petting pups, and hanging with my cat.