When people ask what makes me happy, my answer is food.

Freshman year of college, I knew I was going to have to take advantage of my four short years here and explore all that Atlanta had to offer. I compiled a food bucket list loosely based on Atlanta Magazine’s “Best 50 Restaurants in Atlanta”, but it has transformed into its own entity over the years.

I once read that “to know a city is to know its food“. Living in downtown Atlanta meant that I was now surrounded by some of the best in all of America. (I might be a bit biased.) When I was younger, every time I saw zany food videos on Facebook about meerkat cafes in Southeast Asia, rainbow bagels in New York, and iconic soup dumplings in Los Angeles, I wondered when Atlanta will rise up to become a food mecca for enthusiasts worldwide. Looking back on the past several years, I realized this city has grown in so many beautiful ways.

While I’ve documented my food adventures on a smaller scale, the persistent encouragement of my friend London pushed to me to begin adding food posts to the blog to share the treasures that Atlanta has to offer.

It was also during this time that I became more aware of how my day to day food choices could impact my health in the long run. Dining out doesn’t allow for controlling of portion sizes or limiting additives like fats, salts, and sugars. (With that being said, fats, salts, and sugars are NECESSARY for our bodies to function and flourish.)

It took some time, but I returned to roots and continued the tradition of frequenting farmers markets for fresh, local produce. I learned how to balance “fine dining” with home cooked meals. COVID-19 quarantine has given me time to continue improving my college cooking skills and and share them here.

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