Thoughts on my thoughts

When I started putting more time into this, I deleted this page and category, but soon remembered that I liked writing about more than just food, adventures, and med school. I’ve always turned to writing as an outlet, even more so when things are difficult, so to pretend this part of me doesn’t exist would mean this space doesn’t accurately reflect who I am.

I have a friend who I’m always in awe of because she finds the courage to post very vulnerable and honest posts alongside the pretty, polished ones. Seeing her do that was one of the things that pushed me to begin blogging in the first place. Sometimes, we’re so bogged down by our thoughts and feelings that we lose touch with the world and think no one else understands. We’re all human and have dealt with numerous variations of the same things in life: love, loss, loneliness, happiness, success, and change. When I write about things like that, I write with the intention to remind others that they’re not alone. I hear you, I feel you, and I understand you.