How To Approach the Work and Activities Section

Some applicants begin to relax after finishing their personal statement, but now isn't the time to slack off. The Work and Activities section is also an important contributor to first impressions, and gives admissions committees an idea of who you are beyond the statistics. You can include up to 15 extracurricular entries with a 700 … Continue reading How To Approach the Work and Activities Section

The Medical School Application Timeline

Before reading this, remember that everyone's journey to medical school is different. Don't feel pressured to apply because everyone else is doing it or because it's when you're "supposed to". Apply when you feel ready. However, once you decide to start the application cycle for that year, it's a commitment. Crafting the perfect personal statement, … Continue reading The Medical School Application Timeline

A Med Student’s Wishlist

Starbucks/ Bubble tea Giftcards: A gift your student will appreciate whether it's for the 8th straight hour of studying or a little pick-me-up. Low Maintenance Plants: Houseplants help remove indoor pollutants while uplifting one's mood and boosting productivity. Air plants, succulents, devil's ivy, and snake plants are almost indestructible and provide many benefits. They're a … Continue reading A Med Student’s Wishlist