The Medical School Application Timeline

Before reading this, remember that everyone’s journey to medical school is different. Don’t feel pressured to apply because everyone else is doing it or because it’s when you’re “supposed to”. Apply when you feel ready. However, once you decide to start the application cycle for that year, it’s a commitment. Crafting the perfect personal statement, … Continue reading The Medical School Application Timeline

Personal Statement Dos and Donts

For the past few weeks, I’ve been editing medical school personal statements. I never considered this as a way to help future medical students, but I’m thrilled to be able to support others where I can. Polishing them so that they shine can be challenging at times, but the payoff is incredibly rewarding when people … Continue reading Personal Statement Dos and Donts


Majors, Classes, and GPAs. Oh my!

Because of a fantastic AP biology teacher senior year of high school and my enthusiasm for science facts, I decided without hesitation that I would become a biological sciences major. However, in my third year, I learned more about my school’s young but thriving neuroscience program. Then, during my last year of undergrad, my roommate … Continue reading Majors, Classes, and GPAs. Oh my!

Undergraduate Extracurriculars

You go to college to get more knowledge, but it’s the involvement in other things that make these years memorable and worthwhile. What are extracurriculars needed for medical school? Though it’s recommended to have at least one medically related extracurricular experience, join whichever organizations interest you. Remember quality over quantity. Pick some that resonate with … Continue reading Undergraduate Extracurriculars

How To Get Research and Clinical Experience

Research Experience: To find a research position, browse through departments of interest or faculty pages and read previously published papers and current projects. If you find something that catches your eye, send a short but professional email stating your major, how you’d like to get research experience, why their research interests you, and suggest meeting … Continue reading How To Get Research and Clinical Experience

A Gap Year Guide

If you decide to take a some time off from school, the world truly is your oyster because there are so many things to do during this precious time. It’s becoming more common to take time off before starting graduate or professional school and there’s no shame in doing this! It allows for a pause … Continue reading A Gap Year Guide