Don’t Stop Me Now

Medical school can be overwhelmingly difficult when readjusting to a routine and relearning how to study and manage your time. I still haven’t quite found a solid study method or schedule after a month, and it seems as though everyone else has got things figured out. I’ve had some difficulty snapping out of the negativity … Continue reading Don’t Stop Me Now

A Med Student’s Wishlist

Starbucks/ Bubble tea Giftcards: A gift your student will appreciate whether it’s for the 8th straight hour of studying or a little pick-me-up. Low Maintenance Plants: Houseplants help remove indoor pollutants while uplifting one’s mood and boosting productivity. Air plants, succulents, devil’s ivy, and snake plants are almost indestructible and provide many benefits. They’re a … Continue reading A Med Student’s Wishlist

Sanity During Social Distancing

Less than a month ago, I was living a reality better than my dreams in Puerto Rico. The dreamy turquoise waters and vivid sunsets were a feast for sore eyes that had been anxiously bouncing from one screen to another all semester. While saying goodbye to our wonderful Airbnb host, she asked if I was … Continue reading Sanity During Social Distancing

Lonely But Not Alone

Update: Since I writing this, I found Lauv’s “Modern Loneliness“, which sums up my feelings pretty well. During my gap year, I had no idea how to make new friends. I had a hard time adjusting because friends who used to live down the street were now spread across the country. We were separated by … Continue reading Lonely But Not Alone

Year 2: From Goals to Habits

This summer, I helped write a book that aimed to reduce unconscious bias towards Black Americans. The intent was for readers to engage with a short, one-page biography about a Black leader every day for 66 days. The idea for the book was based on a study conducted by Phillipa Lally in 2009 that found … Continue reading Year 2: From Goals to Habits