Don’t Stop Me Now

Medical school can be overwhelmingly difficult when readjusting to a routine and relearning how to study and manage your time. I still haven’t quite found a solid study method or schedule after a month, and it seems as though everyone else has got things figured out. I’ve had some difficulty snapping out of the negativity … Continue reading Don’t Stop Me Now

A Med Student’s Wishlist

Starbucks/ Bubble tea Giftcards: A gift your student will appreciate whether it’s for the 8th straight hour of studying or a little pick-me-up. Low Maintenance Plants: Houseplants help remove indoor pollutants while uplifting one’s mood and boosting productivity. Air plants, succulents, devil’s ivy, and snake plants are almost indestructible and provide many benefits. They’re a … Continue reading A Med Student’s Wishlist

Lonely But Not Alone

Update: Since I writing this, I found Lauv’s “Modern Loneliness“, which sums up my feelings pretty well. During my gap year, I had no idea how to make new friends. I had a hard time adjusting because friends who used to live down the street were now spread across the country. We were separated by … Continue reading Lonely But Not Alone

Year 2: From Goals to Habits

This summer, I helped write a book that aimed to reduce unconscious bias towards Black Americans. The intent was for readers to engage with a short, one-page biography about a Black leader every day for 66 days. The idea for the book was based on a study conducted by Phillipa Lally in 2009 that found … Continue reading Year 2: From Goals to Habits

Holy Crepe I’m an M2

I finally empathize with food bloggers and patients. For those who are unaware, these are two groups of people who are known for sharing their life story before getting to the good stuff, although I’m not sure what good stuff it is that you’re looking for here. I’ll present the recipe first, and if you’re … Continue reading Holy Crepe I’m an M2